Arden Garden Market Arden Garden Market
Wayne Thiebaud - Y-River 1998
arden @ Del Paso | 1409 Del Paso Blvd | Sacramento, CA
Every Saturday 9-1

February 2015

Dear Neighbors, I’m happy to announce that January has been our most successful month with 3 record breaking days for attendance. Our highest attendance has been 113 and our goal is 300 by April. We’ve seen many new faces which is very exciting. I know many have expressed the desire for more. Trust us...the vision of this market is to be 7 days a week, with room for over 200 vendors. That said, however, it takes time. Just three months ago, we had 2-4 vendors. Today we have upwards of a dozen, live music, and we’re just getting started. If you want more, then keep coming back and don’t give up on us.

While dogs are unfortunately unable to attend the market, Kris Fuentes of VibraPet comes to market with her line of artisan dog food. Inspired by her adopted dog Carlos, and the lack of truly good food options commercially, she wanted something better. She studied dog nutrition and spent years tinkering with her recipes until she (and Carlos) were satisfied. She will be at the market every other week starting February 7.

The purpose of this market is not simply to provide fresh foods and artisanal goods…we hope it helps to build our community. Food brings people together more than anything, and starting February 21, our first food truck, North Border Taco, will be joining us. This isn’t your everyday taco truck…and Chef Damian Avalos is working hard to bring the market something unique. From breakfast burritos, pastries, coffee, and smoothies…to a full lunch menu, Damian’s ready to get you on your feet. We encourage you to grab a bite, sit down in our breakfast nook, and relax…The Madison Hudson Band, and their guests are spectacular. Chandos…..look out cause North Border Taco is just around the corner!

Last, I’m happy to announce that Woodlake Elementary’s own Girl Scouts – Troop 463 will be coming to the market later in February to do what they do. While fruits are vegetables should be #1 on your list, get your thin mint fix and help support these young ladies. Their organization helps build Confidence, Courage, and Character and we are thrilled to support them.

Our second column was just published in The Arden – Carmichael News. Titled “Tomato or Potato? Does Sacramento need a food revolution,” this article sheds light on the reality of our current, struggling food culture in North Sacramento. We hope this article creates awareness, and is the catalyst for change. We are here to make a difference. Check it out at

I will repeat that this market is first and foremost for this community. Should our vision become a reality, we believe this market will help to further the revitalization of The Boulevard and North Sacramento neighborhoods. Embrace it…participate…know that with your continued support, the market will continue to grow. If you have questions, or suggestions, please feel free to speak to us. I’m easy to find…just look for the bright orange shoes.

Thank you all! See you Saturday!

Anthony Catafi
Instagram: #ardengardenmarket