Arden Garden Market Arden Garden Market
Wayne Thiebaud - Y-River 1998
arden @ Del Paso | 1409 Del Paso Blvd | Sacramento, CA
Every Saturday 9-1




The City of Sacramento is situated in one of the most productive and diverse farming regions in the world. Agriculture is deeply embedded in our regional identity and is both a point of pride and a focus for innovation and investment. Earlier this year, the Mayor of our City, Kevin Johnson, proclaimed Sacramento the Farm to Fork capitol of the United States. It is a credible claim that places political will behind support for farm product consumers.

At this time, Sacramento boasts one of the most successful Farmer's Markets in the country, as measured by both longevity and attendance. Yet, that market is a once-a-week event that takes place in a parking lot beneath an elevated freeway. It is, with all due respect to the organizers, an inadequate way to experience what should rightfully be a celebration of our heritage and commitment to healthful and sustainable living. It is time to do better. It is time to create a market worthy of Sacramento that includes food producers, and also, finishers, (locally-derived packaged products), and nutrition educational resources - all in one place that is open every day of the week. It is time for the Arden Garden Market.