Arden Garden Market Arden Garden Market
Wayne Thiebaud - Y-River 1998
arden @ Del Paso | 1409 Del Paso Blvd | Sacramento, CA
Every Saturday 9-1

Market Aesthetics



What will Arden Garden Market look like? A winning team of accomplished planners, architects, strategic planners, development professionals, web designers and business managers will produce a world-class design and a practical and realistic business plan to assure financial viability for Arden Garden Market.

The sellers’ stalls are grouped for shopping convenience and to allow adequate space for merchants to display their wares attractively. Logical combinations will make for easy shopping, such as placing meat and fish near vegetables, and fruits. Visitors will be able to look at what is available without spending hours patrolling aisles of merchandise. Within steps of the vendors will be seating areas with tables and chairs to taste and enjoy food.

Parking will be a carefully planned component of the physical plan is parking, as will restrooms for shoppers.