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North Sacramento: Demographics Of A Food Desert





North Sacramento has been designated a “Food Desert” by the USDA, based on a June, 2009 report, “Access to Affordable and Nutritious food: Measuring and Understand Food Deserts and Their Consequences.” The report defines access by the number of households without cars that are more than one-half mile from the nearest supermarket. In North Sacramento’s census tract (060670006900), low-income households predominate and about 10% of residents do not have cars

Many low-income households in this region consume fewer than five servings of fresh fruits and vegetables weekly, compared to 47.7% of their higher-income counterparts, according to the USDA and the SACOG (Sacramento Area Council of Government) report, and the Sacramento Region Market Assessment. This contributes to a high incidence of obesity and accompanying diseases in the areas included in the SACOG report. Change is needed in nutrition education and traditional eating patterns, but no change will succeed without access to healthy food.

Sacramento County is underserved by farmer’s markets in contrast to Yolo, Placer, and Ed Dorado counties. According to the SACOG report Sacramento has only 1.1 markets per 100,000 people compared to 4.5 in Placer County. This is a glaring indication that there is need and demand for more farmers’ markets in Sacramento.

All of Sacramento is underserved by farmer’s markets. While congested mid-town and downtown area residents certainly need and want access to a variety of healthy and delicious foods at an approachable price, they already have the lion’s share of such markets. Residents of these areas typically have higher income and superior food and health knowledge than residents of North Sacramento Arden Garden Market will allow lower income people to buy good food and learn about healthy eating.

Arden Garden Market will offer food stamps through a program known as the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) htt:// Market vendors must qualify to participate in the program. All vendors will be trained in how administer the program and to make eligible sales.