Arden Garden Market Arden Garden Market
Wayne Thiebaud - Y-River 1998
arden @ Del Paso | 1409 Del Paso Blvd | Sacramento, CA
Every Saturday 9-1

Vision Statement



"I would rather eat fresh, locally produced food, than rely on huge corporate supermarket fare. Would you, if you could?"

If “Yes” is the answer, the next question is, “How?” There has to be a market you can reasonably hope to reach on a regular basis. What if you had a seven-day-a-week Farmers' Market to bring fresh, local and affordable produce to a nearby location?

In 2014, Farm to Fork will be a reality when Arden Garden Market opens for business.

At Arden Garden Market you will be able to purchase produce, meat, fish, fowl, dairy, and dry goods every day. In addition, an Ethnic Center will offer foods and crafts from twenty countries. A full Market with 200 outside food booths will be open Wednesdays, Saturdays, and Sundays. On Saturday, Arden Garden Market will offer free, open-air entertainment including the best of Sacramento’s homegrown musicians.

Twenty years ago, the Arden neighborhood lost its only three grocery stores. A daily farmers market has been in community discussion for years. Now it’s happening.

We speak of food for the soul and the body, and farm to fork in a food desert, and we believe we have the start of a compelling American story.

In 2014 Arden Garden Market will spring forth full-blown. Arden Garden Market will bring forty-five thousand visits per week to its large and convenient site. To imagine what this might look like, consider Detroit, Illinois with a population of four million people. Its farmers' market draws forty-five thousand visits per week. Consider New Orleans, where Wendell Pierce of the HBO series Treme opened Sterling Farms, a grocery with an open air component that brings healthy foods to low income shoppers, like the food he ate as a child. He says, “That communal thing of actually going to get the fresh food that you are going to cook and eat together… As corny as it sounds, it feeds the soul as much as the body.” We draw our founding Mission Statement from him. Imagine the value to Sacramento with overwhelming community use of Arden Garden Market.