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Mama Kim Cooks

Executive Chef and owner, Kim Scott, first became interested in cooking just as she began grade school. Inspired by her Grandmother’s affinity for both cooking and baking, Kim developed a passion for Italian food, focusing on using fresh produce, as she experienced on her grandparents’ farm. As she began to learn her first lessons in the classroom, she asked her Grandmother for her first classes in the kitchen.

Kim’s passion for cooking transcended into the visual arts as well. She attended Toronto University, and earned a Fine Arts degree with a concentration on sculpture. While in school, she landed her first restaurant job at the Michellin star-rated Auberge de la Bastille. Under the advice of the chef, Kim enrolled in a apprentice program offered by the university.

It wasn’t a walk in the park. At Auberge de la Bastille, her chef did not allow anyone to work in kitchen unless they washed dishes for two weeks. Paying dues for a cook was a right of passage; life in a professional kitchen was a very different time then. It was also very much of a man’s world, and challenges were plenty.

Over the years, Kim enjoyed a multitude of different experiences as a chef. She was a private chef for a professional boxing camp in Palm Springs, and catered the VIP tent at the Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. She catered George Burn’s birthday party, encountering numerous requests for a dish she served for the first time- a mini ice cream cone- miniature versions of Nutty Buddies. The comedians loved them so much, they told her jokes just to win a few more cones for themselves.

Kim’s catering business was sparked from her experiences in Los Angeles, as her notoriety grew from her presence at movie premiers and many other interesting jobs. She eventually transitioned back into the restaurant business, relocating to San Francisco to work for Hyatt Hotels. However, over time her need for creative freedom motivated her to get back into catering; corporate structure was not fulfilling. She soon sought out new opportunities in Northern California.

While she was the Executive Chef at the Inn in Lake Tahoe, she met her friend and business partner, Phillip Rayburn- a musician and entrepreneur himself. They bonded over their love for music and food, and dream of combining both passions as a business. Kim and Phillip eventually embarked on a new journey, establishing a successful catering company- Mama Kim Cooks; as well as a mobile food truck to take her talents to the open road as Mama Kim On The Go.

The long time dream has always been a restaurant. Their idea was to pair Kim’s New Southern cuisine with Phillip’s musical styles of Jazz, Blues and R&B. Built around the diverse flavors of Creole cooking, both wanted a casual and comfy environment; a place where friends could kick back and enjoy great food and wine, paired with soulful music. This dream came to be Mama Kim Eats- their new restaurant which opened in the Spring of 2012.