Arden Garden Market Arden Garden Market
Wayne Thiebaud - Y-River 1998
arden @ Del Paso | 1409 Del Paso Blvd | Sacramento, CA
Every Saturday 9-1

Del Paso Organic Farmers Market Original Blog (2006)


     Our goal is to develop a European-style marketplace that is unique to Sacramento and is desirable to an

     expanding, aware, diverse audience of food loving, health conscious shoppers.  The Del Paso Organic

     Farmers Market will be open 7 days a week.  On Saturday, the market expands to display canopy covered

     rows of organic produce, and a small stage that will feature local entertainment and guest speakers

     discussing healthy food and cooking.  The 7500-sq. ft. indoor everyday space will feature exclusive

     purveyors of meat and poultry, fish, eggs, baked goods, organic staples (grains, nuts, rice, etc...)

     and a cafe.  This provides the community with a much needed, high quality market and a gathering

     place to enrich and inform.


     Site Description

     The Del Paso Organic Farmers Market is located at the ideal intersection between Arden, Highway 5, and

     Highway 80.  This location represents accessibility for rich or poor, informed restauranteur or food novice.

     It will meet the needs of everyday shopping, and offer a rich, layered European marketplace experience.

     About Us

     The LIMN design team are the developers, property owners, and neighbors to this site.

     LIMN is both a retail furniture and kitchen showroom, and a design company, providing

     interior and product design throughout Northern California and the Western Region.

     We consider ourselves experts at understanding the retail marketplace.  Our design

     intent was to merge the best samples of the public market to this remarkable site.

     Our experience brings with it the good fortune to have visited dozens of farmers markets

     worldwide.  Del Paso Organic Farmers Market becomes the beneficiary of the

     vibrant marketplaces found in many lands.