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How To Build A Successful Public Market

What does it take to have a successful public market? That’s what a new group wants to find out as it pushes the idea of creating a new downtown Sacramento Public Market.

In an article “Ten Qualities of Successful Public Markets” for project for public spaces, David O’Neil, senior director of public markets with the Project for Public Spaces, writes that successful markets tend to have 10 things in common.

For success, a public market needs the right vendors, the right location, the correct mix, a strong mission, good connections, strong promotion, good value, competent management and appropriate economics.

A new group in Sacramento is pushing the idea of creating a high-profile public market in downtown Sacramento.

There is no location selected and no timeline, but the idea is to create an iconic indoor market to showcase local produce, products and producers.

A Sacramento public market is seen as something that could also boost the region’s tourism and create jobs as Pike Place Market does in Seattle or the Ferry Building does in San Francisco.

The idea in Sacramento is to take advantage of region’s emergence as a nationally recognized farm-to-fork capital. The region is a center of commercial production of wine grapes, olives, tomatoes, nut crops, rice and other produce, as well as being in the heart of a region of organic and specialty growers and producers.

The Sacramento Public Market development group will now begin building support for the idea. More information is at the Public Market website.

Sacramento once had a public market building, designed by renowned architect Julia Morgan, but that historic structure at 13th and J streets was converted into an office building in the early 1970s and then into the lobby of the Sheraton Grand Sacramento in 2001.

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